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Bojan Fredotovic, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Bojan Fredotovic in June, 2014.

Victor Resendez, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Victor Resendez in June, 2014.

Clint Bond, ExpressJet

ExpressJet hired ATP grad Clint Bond in June, 2014.

Walter Davey, Great Lakes Airlines

Great Lakes Airlines hired ATP grad Walter Davey in June, 2014.

Airline Training – Part Two

The second day of training consists of “Line Operating Experience” or LOE. LOEs mimic an actual flight, but usually have some sort of emergency en-route. For example, this year we flew two flights, one from Newark to Cleveland and a second from Cleveland to Chicago. During our first flight our Thrust Management Computer (TMC) broke […]

Airline Training

One of the most important aspects of being an airline pilot is always being prepared for the unexpected. Routine trips can be mundane at times but proper preparation can help avert tragedy when disaster strikes. Obviously, we cannot practice things such as engine fires and failures, navigation equipment failures or really much else during the […]

Life on Reserve: Maintenance Ferry Flights

I checked my schedule online Saturday evening before going to bed in my hotel room in Dulles, Virginia. I had been on temporary duty assignment in D.C. for over a month, and had gotten used to the typical flying in and out of Dulles International Airport. However, this assignment was a bit confusing and daunting. […]

American Airlines Places the Largest Aircraft Order in the History of Aviation

American Airlines placed the largest aircraft order in commercial aviation history Wednesday, committing to purchase 130 Airbus A320 family aircraft, 130 A320neos, 100 Boeing 737NGs and also committing to order 100 of a new re-engined variation of the Boeing 737.

American Airlines to finance up to 35 737s

AerCap Holdings, an independent aircraft leasing firm, has entered into a purchase-leaseback transaction with American Airlines to finance up to 35 Boeing 737-800s. The deal covers 29 deliveries, of which 26 were previously ordered and three are new. American said the deal also includes six more 737-800 aircraft that American can purchase and, if exercised, […]

United Airlines’ Pilots Welcome Recall of Up to 200 Furloughed Pilots

United Airlines has announced that it will be recalling 100-200 of its pilots that are presently on furlough. Recalls will be taking place over the next year. United currently has around 1,400 pilots on furlough and expects to make the recall offer shortly. The recalled pilots will actually be flying for Continental as the two […]

Paris Airshow Aircraft Orders Point to Severe Pilot Shortage

Clear signs are emerging of a long-expected and much talked about severe pilot shortage. At the Paris Airshow last week, both Airbus and Boeing booked orders for more than $25 billion in airliner sales. AirAsia alone ordered 200 aircraft.

Passenger Traffic Continues to Increase for Airlines in the United States

More passengers are filling the seats of America’s airliners then they were last year in spite of inflated oil prices and a struggling economy.

Airlines Now Hiring

Air Choice One – is hiring pilots. Ameriflight – is hiring pilots. Air Wisconsin – is hiring pilots. Cape Air – is hiring pilots. CommutAir – is hiring pilots. Compass Airlines – is hiring pilots. Endeavor Air – is hiring pilots. Envoy – is hiring pilots. ExpressJet – is hiring pilots. GoJet – is hiring […]

American Eagle Taps into the ATP Flight Training Pipeline with – Part Two

American Eagle used recently to announce to the pilots there that they were lowering their hiring minimums, and that Eagle would be paying for pilots they hire to take ATP’s Regional Jet Standards Certification Program before they begin training with Eagle. That is a great endorsement of ATP’s RJ Program for sure, but it […]

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