Airline Pilot Hiring Update

Airlines in the United States continue to hire new pilots at a pace that hasn’t been seen for decades, if ever. is a career and financial advisory service for professional pilots that tracks hiring at the airlines. These figures show the number of career opportunities available that have been realized in the second quarter of this year, as well as year-to-date hiring figures. Continue reading

PSA Airlines Offers $20,000 Pilot Retention Bonus Responding to Pilot Shortage

Dion Flannery is the president of PSA Airlines, which is a subsidiary of American Airlines. Mr. Flannery has been dealing with the pressure placed on his airline by the worsening pilot shortage for a few years now. This week he announced that PSA will offer a one-time bonus for all first officers at PSA in hopes that they will stay for a while instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to quickly move to the Major and Legacy Airlines. Continue reading

ATP’s Director of Training Presented the Excellence in Pilot Training Award

ATP has grown from a single flight training center to one of the world’s largest flight training providers over the last 30+ years that we have been in business. We have enjoyed this success due to several factors, none of which are more important than the hard working professionals who work at ATP from the very top on down. This commitment to excellence made by every one of us makes us very proud when one of our own is recognized for the hard work and talent required to be successful in the flight training business. Continue reading