Month: April 2011

Atlantic Southeast Airlines and ExpressJet are Busy Hiring Pilots

One of the most interesting aspects of my job as Regional Jet Program Director for ATP is speaking with airline recruiters about hiring the graduates of our Regional Jet Standards Certification Program. Recently I have been speaking with a lot of recruiters as airline hiring builds momentum, and today I had a chance to speak with the consummate recruiting professionals at ASA and ExpressJet. I had the same questions shared by a lot of aspiring airline pilots going into the conversation. What’s happening with pilot hiring under the ASA and ExpressJet merger? Is ASA really hiring pilots for both airlines? Which airline are they hiring for now? How do pilots decide which carrier to fly for, and do pilots really have a choice? I asked those questions and want to share the details of what I found.
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Airlines Soar In Spite of Spike in Oil Prices

The United States Airline industry has performed very well as of late, with many airlines reporting a speedy return to profitability after deep losses related to the worst economic recession in 80 years. The airlines are benefiting from a return in travel demand. Going forward airline industry experts expect airlines to solidify their turnaround despite rising fuel prices according to The Bedford Report, which examines the outlook for companies in the Major Airlines .
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For decades aspiring airline pilots have looked for ways to keep their professional profiles in front of recruiters for the airlines that they hope to fly for. These attempts were focused on various traditional hiring aids from companies offering notebooks of printed information about how to apply to various airlines, to more internet-assisted efforts to get a good flying job. Things have changed again for the better as a completely new approach to getting good flying jobs has recently been introduced and has become a game changer in pilot recruiting.
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