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ATP’s Latest Airline Placements

Bojan Fredotovic, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Bojan Fredotovic in June, 2014.

Victor Resendez, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Victor Resendez in June, 2014.

Clint Bond, ExpressJet

ExpressJet hired ATP grad Clint Bond in June, 2014.

Walter Davey, Great Lakes Airlines

Great Lakes Airlines hired ATP grad Walter Davey in June, 2014.

US Major Airlines Report Over $1 billion in 3Q Profit

The spike in jet fuel prices did not prevent the country’s seven largest airline companies from earning $1.09 billion in combined net income for the three months ended Sept. 30, paving the way for expansion and increasing the need for new pilots.

SkyWest to Fly as New US Airways Express Partner

US Airways announced today that SkyWest Airlines will begin flying will begin flying as US Airways Express beginning Dec. 16. SkyWest Airlines will begin operation of six daily Express flights from US Airways’ hub in Phoenix. By spring 2012, SkyWest Airlines will operate approximately 49 flights to 19 destinations for US Airways Express.

Hawaiian Airlines Orders Airbus A330 Aircraft Worth $1 billion

In the latest expansion of the US Airline Industry, Hawaiian Airlines announced Thursday it has ordered five more Airbus A330 aircraft to be completed within the next four years.

Spirit Airlines Signs Memo of Understanding for 75 Airbus Aircraft

Expanding the need for new pilots in the near future, Spirit Airlines and Airbus announced today that they have entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a significant addition to Spirit’s existing aircraft purchase order with Airbus. The MOU contemplates an order of 75 A320 family aircraft consisting of 30 of the existing […]

Republic Airways Verifies Order for 80 Airbus A320neo Family Aircraft

In a purchase which will certainly increase the deepening demand for more airline pilots to fill the cockpit seats, Republic Airways Holdings has confirmed its order with Airbus to purchase 60 A320neo and 20 A319neo aircraft.

US Airways Reports Record Passenger Loads for Second Straight Month

The U.S. Airline Industry continues to soar, fueling the increased demand for pilots to fill the seats of their airliners.

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