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ATP’s Latest Airline Placements

Bojan Fredotovic, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Bojan Fredotovic in June, 2014.

Victor Resendez, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Victor Resendez in June, 2014.

Clint Bond, ExpressJet

ExpressJet hired ATP grad Clint Bond in June, 2014.

Walter Davey, Great Lakes Airlines

Great Lakes Airlines hired ATP grad Walter Davey in June, 2014.

Interview With An Airline Recruiter

The following is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Captain Dan Robertson who is the Head of Pilot Recruitment with Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA). Captain Robertson has held the position of Chief Pilot with ASA in addition to his position in the Recruiting Department, and lately has been speaking with pilots across the […]

Boeing Predicts Pilot Shortage

Boeing predicts that an average of 3200 pilots are needed per year to meed demand for aircraft already on order in the US by 2025.

Pinnacle and Colgan Airlines See Increase in Passenger Load

Both Pinnacle Airline and Colgan Airlines have seen a 3.9% increase in passenger volume in October as compared to October of last year.

American Eagle Expands Air Service

American Eagle continues to expand service in Florida using their EMB-140 Regional Jets.

Reno-Tahoe Region Welcomes ExpressJet Airlines

ExpressJet President and CEO says that demand for regional air service continues to climb.

Strong Demand for Large RJs is Keeping Regional Aircraft Manufacturers Smiling.

Manufacturers of regional aircraft experienced another robust year in 2007 as orders for larger RJs more than made up for the lack of sales for 50-seat RJs. The transition to 70/90-seat jets meant plenty of business for Bombardier and Embraer, while soaring fuel costs helped push sales of ATR 42/72 and Q400 turboprops to record levels. Anxious to enter the regional jet […]

ATP Announces Price Decrease For The Regional Jet Standards Certification Course

There has never been a better time to position yourself for starting an airline pilot career with the Regional Airlines. Experts like Kit Darby, founder and president of AIR, Inc., show that historically pilots hired right after a hiring downturn are in a great position. Those on the front of the next hiring wave will […]

ExpressJet Reaches Agreements With All Of Its Unions

ExpressJet has final approval on agreements with all four of its labor groups, saving itself approximitly $35 million in labor costs. It is expected to generate a profit in the last quarter of 2008 as a result. ExpressJet Reaches Labor Accords

US Airlines Dodge Financial Storms and Set Course for Profit in 2009

The problems that plunged US Airlines into turbulent times are disappearing from the radar screen and being left in the wake of 2008. A return to profitability is in the course being steered towards in 2009 by the implementation of actions successfully taken in the final two quarters of 2008.

Mesaba to fly 14 CRJ-900s taken from Mesa/Freedom Air

Delta Airlines has reassigned 14 NextGen Regional Jets from Freedom to Mesaba Airlines which operates as Northwest Airlink for the new Uber Airline composed of Delta and the former Northwest Airlines. The move adds to the number of RJs taken from Freedom and reassigned to Northwest Airlink carriers reportedly due to Freedom’s failure to meet […]

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