Flight Training

Compass Airlines Joins Tuition Reimbursement Program with ATP

ATP’s recruiting partner Compass Airlines has joined ATP’s Tuition Reimbursement Program as a sponsoring airline. The Tuition Reimbursement Program provides up to $11,000 be paid toward an ATP graduate’s and flight instructor’s flight training costs by Compass Airlines. The ATP graduate then agrees to fly for Compass when the pilot reaches 1500 hours of flight experience. Continue reading

Flying the Line – Mesa Airlines

ATP Alumni fly for every airline in this country, as well as many airlines around the world. Because they share some common elements they stay connected with each other as well as those of us here who helped them get started. Dustin Means is a good example of the type of pilot and person who graduates from ATP and goes on to a rewarding career as an airline pilot. Dustin has stayed in touch with us here and recently sent us some good news about an upgrade that we would like to share:
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From Students to First Officers in Two Years

In early August, I wrote about three close friends who did their flight training with ATP and then went on to instruct for us together at our Daytona Beach Flight Training Center. Sherry Shoemake, Louis Valasquez and Vince Viorde were hired at the same time by Republic Airlines through Republic’s Pipeline Program with ATP. All three then went to Indianapolis together to begin new-hire training so they can fly the new Embraer E175’s that Republic is acquiring.
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ATP Article in Plane and Pilot Magazine

This month’s edition of Plane and Pilot magazine contains an excellent article on the best Multi-engine trainer in the business, the Piper Seminole. The article highlights the history of the Seminole as well as its value to the Flight-training Industry. Since ATP has the largest fleet of Seminoles in the world, the article talks about ATP and its use of the Seminole and I would like to share part of it with you:
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ATP Sends One of Its Best to the US Navy

ATP has seen graduates of its Airline Career Pilot Program gravitate to great flying jobs in every part of aviation, including proudly flying for the best military in the world. Lieutenant(JG) John McFerren is just such an aviator who is also an old friend of mine and he wrote to me to let me know how he went from a student at ATP to flying for The Red Lions of HELSEACOMBATRON FIFTEEN.
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Road-Map From Student to Airline Pilot

I travel around the United States talking with all kinds of people who are interested in aviation. Some of the most enjoyable conversations are with people who want to fly airplanes for a living, and are looking for answers to their questions about how to get there. When I am asked these questions I often refer to a road-map that I drew up to show that a career in aviation can be achieved, and that we know how you can do it and I want to share it with you:
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ATP Expands Again – New Flight Training Centers Makes Total 35

ATP has expanded its current 31 flight training centers, with the introduction of five new locations. Opened this past September, students in the Dallas and Houston metro areas now have the added convenience of new training centers in McKinney, TX and Southwest Houston, respectively. ATP also opened the St. Louis training center that same month. Coming soon, the Pacific Northwest will be greeted with flight training centers in Portland and Seattle.
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