Trans States Airlines to Double Its Fleet Size

Trans States Airlines, a long-time regional partner of ATP, announced today that it will operate 36 additional 50-seat Embraer E145 aircraft for United Airlines. Trans States will reportedly begin scheduled service with these aircraft under the United Express brand and livery in February 2015, with deliveries planned to continue through the first quarter of 2016.

“We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with United with the addition of these 36 aircraft to our fleet,” said Richard Leach, President of Trans States Airlines. “We look forward to continuing to provide United’s customers with the safe, reliable and efficient service they have come to expect from United Express flights operated by Trans States Airlines, and we look forward to the current and future opportunities this growth will provide to our employees.”

Trans States Airlines has been providing United Airlines regional service under the United Express brand since 2003. The addition of these 36 aircraft will increase the fleet size of Trans States Airlines from 29 to 65 aircraft, more than doubling its current fleet size. Trans States Airlines currently has 25 aircraft in service with United, all of which are 50 seat Embraer E145s. The remaining four E-145s in its fleet are operated as US Airways Express.

Trans States Airlines has been hiring graduates of ATP’s Career Pilot Program for decades because our graduates are trained for an airline career from the beginning of their flight training. ATP’s graduates also possess more multi-engine experience than the graduates of any other institution. The main reason Trans States hires ATP graduates is that they always excel in new-hire training and make excellent employees once they pass training.