PlaneSense Adds Second Day to Recruiting Event at ATP-Daytona

ATP’s recruiting partner PlaneSense has had an overwhelming response for interviews and will now be recruiting pilots on October 1st and 2nd at our Daytona location. PlaneSense is sending their top recruiters to ATP to hire our pilots. The PlaneSense program began operating in 1996, and it currently has a fleet of over thirty Pilatus PC-12s. The program is supported by over 250 aviation professionals who handle all aspects of management, operations, scheduling, quality assurance, and administration.

PlaneSense recruits pilots by using, ATP’s recruiting tool. PilotPool brings recruiters and pilots together and is available to all pilots at no cost.

PlaneSense Assistant Chief Pilot Scott Berti said today “We are all looking forward to our visit to ATP in Daytona and it is already proving to be a huge success.” Pilots interested in PlaneSense should add their profile and resume to, and indicate that PlaneSense is their preferred airline.

ATP is the source of qualified, well-trained pilots preferred and recruited most heavily by fractional ownership programs, corporate operators, and regional airlines in the United States. When making plans to enter a career in aviation, take the most direct path to a successful flying career – ATP.