Record Profits for the Airlines Point to the Start of a New Era for the Industry

Good news keeps coming from the nation’s three major airlines as they show a major turnaround in the airline industry’s growth and vitality. Our nation’s three major carriers — American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines — all announced record profits in the past quarter.

This profitability fuels the growth that has been predicted for the last few years for the airlines, and increases the demand for new airline pilots. The increase in demand for pilots insures that lucrative airline careers are available and waiting for those entering flight training now to meet the demand. The pace of growth offers upward mobility for pilots once they enter the industry, meaning that new pilots will be on reserve a much shorter time and upgrade to Captain in much less time than in the past.

The return to consistent profitability is a welcome achievement for the airlines, as it is the first time in a generation that airlines are generating enough cash to pay down debt, buy new planes and even raise employee bonuses and salaries.