Social Media and Your Job Search

We have all probably heard about an employee who has been fired when their employer construed their social media posts as sharing confidential information, making inappropriate comments about the company, or both. Posting company news, pictures, and even making positive comments about a company have cost people their jobs.

What about job seekers? More specifically Pilots looking to be hired by an airline. Can having a blog, or an account on a social networking site negatively impact your job search? It could. In one post on Facebook that I read recently, a man reports that he lies in interviews. Kidding or not, that wouldn’t thrill an airline recruiter if they knew about it. Another job seeker’s page mentions that she loves to party all night, drinks to excess on a regular basis, and steals on occasion. Again, this is not the type of profile that will win you a good flying job.

Should prospective employers be reading your personal information? Maybe not, but whatever you put on the Internet that’s readily accessible, they can and they might. Before being invited for an interview, airline recruiters will do a Google search of you, and your Facebook account is usually the first thing that pops up. Be mindful of what you post online or photos of you that are being tagged with your name.

Be very careful what you put online. If you have a Facebook (or any social media) account, people you won’t want to be reading your profile may be able to access it, even if you think nobody will read it. Make your account private, so only your friends can access it. Be extra careful, and don’t post anything that you don’t want a prospective employer (or your mom!) to read.