Networking Works Again

Dave is a flight instructor for ATP, and he recently enrolled in our RJ Program and did an outstanding job flying the RJ FTD. Dave also interviewed with Republic Airlines when they came to our facility and was offered a flying job with them when he reached the magic 1500 hours of flying time required to work for the airlines now.

Knowing Dave was set to go fly one of Republics new Embraer 175s, I was pleasantly surprised to see this email from Dave:

I request to make March 6th my last day. I enjoyed my time at ATP and would recommend it to anyone. I have met a lot of great people. I ended up getting a job at Majestic Jet. I ended up instructing one of the owners of Majestic Jet who liked my way of teaching, flying, and personality enough to bring me on. You never know the background of who you’re teaching. If there is anything I can do to help ATP in anyway please let me know. I will be based in Florida so if anything is needed I’d be glad to help in any way that I can!

Dave is a guy who has a great attitude about instructing until he has reached 1500 hours in order to fly a jet, and that great attitude along with the networking opportunities available when instructing at ATP has given him a great job flying jets now.