Republic Airlines Interviews 15 ATP Instructors in Phoenix

On Tuesday, January 8th, Republic Airlines sent Chautauqua Director of Operations Alex Osleger to ATP’s new Phoenix Flight Training Center to interview 15 current Instructors for flying jobs at Republic. The flight experience level of those interviewed ranged from 300 to 1300 hours of total time.

Those who successfully completed the interviews will be offered formal Conditional Offers of Employment (COE)by Republic, which means that when those pilots offered the COE complete the conditions which are part of the offer that they will report to Republic for training in the 70-110 seat E170/175, the 74 seat Q400 or the E135/140/145.

Captain Osleger will be doing the same thing when he arrives at ATP’s Jacksonville Florida Flight Training Center to interview 18 more ATP Instructors later in January. He will continue monthly interviews until all of ATP’s Instructors have been interviewed. Once all of ATP’s Instructors have been interviewed, Captain Osleger and his staff will begin interviewing ATP Flight Students who will likewise be offered COEs if they interview succesfully. Stand by for more details.