Global demand for pilots is set to grow

There is no shortage these days of articles about the current shortage of qualified commercial pilots. I just read one on that did a very good job of analyzing the circumstances surrounding the shortage by Airline authority Kit Darby

“Pilot hiring will have to increase significantly soon and – once increased demand kicks in – sustained. That is the verdict of veteran US pilot recruitment consultant Kit Darby, delivered at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Flight Crew Training Conference in late September.

Darby’s argument is that all industry forecasts predict air travel to grow globally by about 5% and for the world’s fleet to double by 2030. Forecasts also concur that the rate of growth will be slower in mature economies such as North America and Western Europe, but faster in much of the rest of the world, particularly the Asia-Pacific region.”

Finally, Mr. Darby sheds light on another common myth about flying for the airlines: “Meanwhile, Darby debunks the belief that US career pilots earn less than before. They might struggle to start and might invest more in training, but if they end up with a 30-year job with one of the majors, they have lifetime earnings and pensions comparable to those in the past, he says. While any glamour that is attached to the job tends to be associated with the big long-haul passenger carriers, the highest US payer is FedEx, with Southwest and UPS close behind, making them attractive ¬career destinations.”