Check Out What Our Students Will Be Flying

There have been a lot of articles about the future of the airline industry. Most point to the rate of growth in the industry, the number of planes which will be delivered to the industry and of course the pilot shortage that is the result of all that expansion.

As I look to the future of the airline industry in this country, I see an exciting time to be an airline pilot and I see ATP trained pilots rising to the top of seniority lists in every airline in this country. I can also see that the equipment these pilots will be flying is evolving to meet the needs of the airlines as they also evolve. These new aircraft will be made of lighter material, have much more fuel efficient engines powering them and be full of all the latest technology to make it safer and allow it to be flown most proficiently.

United Airlines recently took possession of the newest entry into the airline market, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. United is very excited about their new plane and has placed a lot of very interesting information about it on its United Hub website.

Take a look at what you could be flying one day if you get started preparing for your future by training to become an airline pilot with ATP.