ATP Graduates Get the Flying Jobs

ATP has a long history of placing pilots in good flying jobs with every single one of this country’s airlines. ATP has from early in its history been focused on providing quality flight training for pilots from the U.S. for the U.S. Airline Industry.

We do provide flight training for pilots from other countries at times and it is always great to hear from them as they return to their homes to fly for their country’s airlines.

I received this note from Luis Ballina, one of our talented graduates, today:

Hi, I am a graduate from ATP, currently Flight Instructor and Check airman for Aeromexico on the ERJ145, performing operations in the US, Mexico and Central America, and now having my promotion to the E190. As a First Officer I flew the Saab340 and the E190, and I was chosen to retrieve new airplanes for the company from the Embraer Factory in Brazil. ATP helped me to become a professional pilot and be outstanding in my current company. Please feel free to share my story; it would be an honor for me.

Whether from the U.S. or not, ATP graduates get flying jobs when they are finished training.