Boeing Projects Enormous Growth in Demand for Airline Pilots

Airliner manufacturer Boeing has released the 2012 Pilot and Technician Outlook, a respected industry forecast of the need for aviation personnel.

Boeing projects the world will face an unprecedented demand for airline pilots and maintenance technicians over the next 20 years as global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial airplanes.

The Boeing outlook indicates that by 2031 the world will require 460,000 new commercial airline pilots and 601,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians.

North American alone will require 69,000 new airline pilots to fly for the airline industry.

“In many regions of the world, our customers are facing challenges in recruiting personnel due to pilot and technician shortages,” said Sherry Carbary, vice president, Boeing Flight Services. “Boeing is committed to developing innovative solutions that address this critical need by leveraging our knowledge, expertise and experienced global team to give our customers and the industry the training advantage they need to succeed.”