United Airlines Orders 150 New Generation 737s Worth $14.7 Billion

United Airlines ordered 150 Boeing 737s on Thursday, a victory for Boeing as well as an indication that the world’s largest airline is leaning more toward a fleet filled with Boeing aircraft. The order is worth 14.7 billion and is for 100 737 MAX aircraft and 50 737-900ERs.

The 737 Max aircraft will begin arriving in 2018, United CEO Jeff Smisek said. The 737 is a workhorse of domestic flying. United already flies 43 of those planes, which seat 173 people. For the new 737 Max, United is ordering the biggest version Boeing makes, which seats up to 215 people.

Jeff Smisek said the decision to select Boeing as the manufacturer as opposed to Airbus was made based on “the best airplane with the best engines at the best price.” The aircraft will be powered by CFM International engines, which announced the deal was worth $5 billion deal.

Smisek said his airline had “extensive discussions with both Airbus and Boeing” before picking Boeing. He spoke at a news conference in Chicago, where both Boeing and United Continental Holdings Inc. are based.