GoJet Comes to ATP

Yesterday representatives from GoJet’s Pilot Recruitment Department came to ATP’s Corporate Headquarters in Jacksonville Beach, Florida for an important meeting.

GoJet is hiring a lot of pilots to fly their expanding flight schedule, but they are also looking to the near future when they start accepting delivery of 50 new Mitsubishi Regional Jets (MRJs). GoJet sent their Manager of Pilot Recruitment, Captain Dan King, and his assistant Captain Eric Oberst to meet with us in Jacksonville Beach.

Captains King and Oberst had come to discuss the difficulty that most regional airlines are presently having finding qualified pilots to fly for them. The pilot shortage that we have discussed on this blog for the last two years is upon us.

Captain King informed us that GoJet plans to aggressively hire another 70 pilots this year, and hopes to hire 100 more next year. He also told us that the pilots that they need to fly their new planes need to begin training within the next year to be ready to begin flying those aircraft. They also were aware that the quickest and most direct path to the airlines has proven over the last 26 years to be to train with ATP, and they were interested in our ideas and suggestions on how to accomplish their recruitment goals.

We discussed as a group several ideas on how to help GoJet meet their recruiting needs, and it is apparent that GoJet is being very proactive in dealing with the pilot shortage. They are aware, as most airlines will agree, that the situation will only get worse rather quickly and the only way the shortage will be resolved is if a lot of talented people begin training soon to fly for the airlines.

We demonstrated to GoJet that the quickest and easiest way to recruit our pilots is to use PilotPool.com, which is a free service offered by ATP, and they were impressed. If your resume and profile are posted on PilotPool.com and you meet their hiring qualifications then you can expect some attention from Captain King sometime soon.

If you are not on PilotPool.com and you have trained with ATP I recommend that you upload your resume and profile there at your earliest convenience. If you want to be part of the resolution to the pilot shortage occurring right now in the airline industry, please go to ATPFlightschool.com for information about how to begin training to become an airline pilot with the proven leader in training pilots to fly for the airlines.