ExpressJet to Hire 96 Pilots in January 2011

“We learned today that ExpressJet plans to hire 96
pilots beginning in January 2011. This is more welcome news in addition to the
recent return of our pilots from furlough. We believe it indicates a continuing
positive trend for our Company and for the future careers of our pilots. More
information about this hiring and the expectations for staffing will be
provided once it becomes available.”


That is a Memo from the ExpressJet union chairman
to the pilots he represents. It is an announcement that has been a long time
coming and represents a new milestone for the airline formerly known as Continental

Several ATP Graduates in Atlantic Southeast Airlines’ hiring pool have been given Groundschool class dates with ExpressJet beginning in January 2011. The news was shared with ExpressJet Pilots in a memo from George Semak, Senior Director of Flight Operations for ExpressJet.

“ASA has notified ALPA that XJT intends to hire 96 pilots beginning with a class on
Jan 3 and then two more classes in January. Two additional classes will be held
in March”, said Captain Semak.

“All pilot hiring for XJT and ASA will be done through the ASA pilot recruitment
office. ASA has experienced pilots who are responsible for the hiring process
at both airlines.”

“Currently, there are 45 pilots who are in the hiring pool who will be offered
positions with XJT and we will begin the recruitment process shortly to fill
out the remainder of our requirements.”

There was also a memo to ExpressJet Pilots from Atlantic Southeast Airlines’ Vice
President of Flight Operations Charles Tutt which included news that ExpressJet
would upgrade 48 ExpressJet First Officers to Captain in February and March of

Mr. Tutt said in his memo, “While there is a lot of work going
on behind the scenes to plan and execute the successful integration of our
airlines, maintaining safe, efficient day-to-day operations and ensuring our
people have the support and resources they need to be successful will remain
our priorities throughout the integration process. After evaluating our current
staffing levels, we will need to hire an additional 96 pilots in order to
right-size the staffing needed to support our current schedule and prepare for
the higher-than-anticipated 2011 block hours for both our Continental and
United schedules.”

“The new-hire pilots will be pulled from the hiring pool that
has been built up over the past couple of months, and recruiting efforts will
continue if we do not meet the 96 mark. Six classes containing 16 pilots each
will begin in January and continue through the first quarter of 2011, and we
anticipate a total of 48 upgrade slots to be available in February and March.”

“We will continue to provide the latest
updates regarding our hiring efforts and any other topics that impact you or
our operations. Thank you for your continued dedication to our operation
and our customers.”