American Airlines Recalls 795 Pilots and Flight Attendants

American Airlines on Wednesday
said it is recalling hundreds of furloughed pilots and flight attendants after
forming joint businesses with several other airlines.


American Airlines said it is
sending recall notices to 250 pilots and 545 flight attendants. This process
will work in stages, with 225 flight attendants to be recalled this month, and
the first wave of 25 pilots to be recalled in mid-November.

American said the recalls
result from a recently-formed joint partnership with British Airways and the
Spanish airline Iberia. Also, the airline said it has a pending deal with Japan

hope is that trends like this will continue,” said Gerard Arpey, chief
executive of AMR, the holding company for American
Airlines. The company’s stock edged up in pre-market trading.

airline said that several new routes are opening up in April, including a
London to San Diego route operated with British Airways and a Madrid to Los
Angeles route operated with Iberia.

American is the third-largest U.S. airline, behind the combined
United Continental Holdings Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc.