American Eagle Reports August traffic Soared 13.8 Percent

American Eagle, which operates regional flights for American Airlines, said Friday that
August traffic soared 13.8 percent higher compared with a year ago according to
The Washington Examiner.


That sharply beat the 3.1 percent traffic increase on American.

Eagle said paying passengers flew 776 million miles last month, compared with 682.2
million miles in August 2009.

Eagle increased capacity by 13.2 percent, to 1.06 billion available seat miles, or
miles flown times seats.

The average plane was 73.1 percent full, up from 72.7 percent a year earlier.

For the first eight months of the year, traffic rose 7 percent, capacity increased
6.6 percent, and the average occupancy rose to 72.1 percent from 71.8 percent a
year ago.