University Degree Program Includes ATP Flight Training

A recent pilot hiring poll taken by Kit Darby Aviation
Consultants found that 92 percent of pilots hired by Major Airlines held a
bachelor’s degree. The same poll reported that at least 60 percent of pilots
hired by the Regional Airlines held a bachelor’s degree. While these statistics
show that a college degree is not required to secure a job with the airlines,
it is highly desired and makes you a more competitive candidate for an airline
pilot first officer position.


Mountain State University now offers an aviation bachelor’s
degree program that includes ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program flight

The Bachelor of Science in Airline Transport Professional Pilot
Operations is the first degree of its kind that is highly focused on preparing
airline and corporate pilots for the current job market.

ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program has
gained a reputation for being a highly effective career training program thanks
to advanced training that sets our graduates apart: multi-engine experience,
airline-oriented flight training, and a focus on career development.

Mountain State University is an
esteemed, not-for-profit university founded in 1933. MSU operates six campuses,
a center, and multiple teaching sites, including its impressive home campus in
Beckley, West Virginia. In addition to its traditional brick-and-mortar
university setting, MSU has become a leader in distance learning with online
degree programs across varying disciplines.

MSU’s Airline Transport Professional Pilot Operations degree
combines ATP’s flight training with MSU’s online coursework. The online medium
fits the student and professional pilot lifestyle, with flexibility to work
with an intense flight schedule. All theory courses are conducted online with
MSU. The online coursework and flight training are tightly integrated for a
cohesive training environment.

In 2010, Mountain State University expanded its degree program offerings
to include a highly-relevant degree for professional pilots with the best
flight training available. MSU collaborated with ATP to build an online
curriculum that closely follows the flight training syllabus in ATP’s Airline
Career Pilot Program. MSU’s respected online course delivery combined with
ATP’s reputation, airline relationships,
network of training centers,
large multi-engine aircraft fleet, and regional jet training capability,
give our graduates the competitive edge.

By selecting ATP as its flight training provider, Mountain State
University has become the largest aviation university for airline pilot