Colgan Air Hiring Pilots Now, Offers Preferential Interviews

Memphis-based Colgan Air has announced that it will be adding 15
new Bombardier Q400 aircraft to its fleet and is presently hiring pilots to fly


has offered preferential interview status to ATP Students and Graduates.
Interviews are to be held at New York’s La Guardia Airport on July 7th and 8th.

Air will fly the fleet of 15 Bombardier Q400 turboprop regional aircraft from
Newark Liberty International Airport, Continental’s New York-area hub,
beginning early this year. The brand-new 74-passenger planes will replace the
50-seat Embraer 145 jets currently used on select flights to within 500 miles
of Newark Liberty, operating as part of the Continental Connection regional
network. By mid-June, Q400s will fly to 21 cities from Newark Liberty and
Cleveland, with more than 100 arrivals and departures per day. The switch to
new turboprop aircraft will help reduce congestion at Newark Liberty and
potentially help Continental/Colgan Air avoid flight delays.

selection of the Q400 aircraft is an important move for us because it addresses
our need for efficiency without sacrificing our customers’ comfort, and because
it is well suited to the unique operating environment at Newark Liberty,”
Continental’s senior vice president of corporate development, Mark Erwin,

Bombardier Q400 is an update of the highly respected De Havilland Dash 8, a
high-wing turboprop airliner with more than 20 years of proven service. The “Q”
actually stands for “quiet,” and the aircraft incorporates a new generation of
21st-century technologies that make it quieter, more comfortable, and more
efficient than previous turboprops.

an ability to cruise at 360 knots (414 mph), the Q400 offers virtually the same
flight times as regional jets over routes of 500 miles or less. However, its
ability to operate from shorter runways gives it the flexibility to avoid
congestion on the longer runways used by larger aircraft. Thus, the Q400 can
help Continental crews and passengers achieve on-time arrivals and departures
when other aircraft may be stuck in traffic. In addition, Continental
Connection Q400s will operate in airspace below 25,000 feet, staying outside
main traffic patterns and helping to further reduce congestion and delays
around Newark Liberty.