Frontier Airlines June Load Factor Soars To 89%

Frontier Airlines reported that their load factor, the measure of how full flights are, came close to the rarely seen 90% level in June, becoming the latest in a line of carriers to report historically high levels of full aircraft.


Most Airlines have been cutting their capacity, the measure of the maximum number of airline seats are available to an airline, since September in response to fuel costs that that approached $150 per barrel of oil. Oil prices, and subsequently fuel prices, have since fallen amid a weakening in demand which has persisted into this year.Frontier said their load factor for its mainline operations rose to a record 89% in June from 87.2% a year earlier.

Last month, Republic Airways Holdings agreed to pay $108.8 million to help Frontier emerge from bankruptcy. Frontier will become a unit of Republic following its emergence from Chapter 11. The plan hasn’t yet received bankruptcy-court approval.