Understanding the Coming Pilot Shortage

I came across this article today which introduces a three part series outlining the pilot shortage which experts are saying is certainly coming relatively soon.


The series was presented by Moderator Peter J. Wolfe, Executive Director of The Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC). Presentations were also delivered by Kit Darby, President of Kit Darby Aviation Consulting, Captain Paul Rice, First Vice President, Air Line Pilots Association, Ron Levy, University Aviation Association and John Dixon, Director of Pilot Recruitment for American Eagle Airlines.

The first presentation and one that set quite a trend for the session, was delivered by Kit Darby. Kit Darby is the past president of Aviation Information Resources (AIR, Inc.), and has done several presentations on this subject. Formerly a B767 captain with United Airlines, Mr. Darby has interviewed 20 times with 16 different airlines and worked with three majors and one national airline since 1978. He has a BS in Aeronautical Studies from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Kit is coauthor of the Simulator Flying Guide, Beginners’ Guide to Becoming a Career Pilot, the World Wide Pilot Supply Report, World Wide Jet Transport Simulator Study and the new Pilot Career Guide. Kit’s flight experience includes 15,000 hours total time, with 10,000 hours jet time. He has an ATP with B737, B727, DC-8, and B767 type ratings.