Cessna VP Says Upturn Could Be Around the Corner

Corporate aviation has been riding out some turbulent conditions lately, but there is optimism in the industry that smoother times are ahead. A top Cessna executive predicts the market for business jets is nearing its bottom and starting to pull up.


Roger Whyte, Cessna’s Senior VP for Sales and Marketing, said, “We continue to take orders; people are continuing to buy airplanes; we continue to deliver airplanes.”

Whyte made his comments following a ceremony to deliver two Citation XLS+ seven-passenger business jets to Lufthansa Private Jet in Europe. Whyte says they’ll be used to fly to places not served by the scheduled airline.

Whyte also observed that the recession has been good news for some jet buyers who want to move up on the waiting list, and that Cessna is managing the credit crunch.

“…Aircraft are generally a very good asset because of the value, and we are able to find financing for our customers,” he said.