ATP Offers Assistance with CFI Job Placement

Hi, I’m Courtney, Flight Instructor Coordinator at ATP. One of my jobs
is helping our Airline Career Pilot Program graduates get jobs as
flight instructors. Usually I’m recruiting to fill the ATP ranks, but
lately I’ve been talking with other flight schools around the country
to help our graduates with CFI job placement.

As regional airline pilot hiring has slowed, CFI positions have become harder to find. The good news is that there are CFI jobs out there, and flight schools love ATP grads
with all their multi-engine experience. We all know that building
experience as a CFI bridges the gap between training and getting that
first airline or corporate job.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates who have applied for a CFI
position with ATP and have been accepted onto the waiting list will
now receive this assistance in CFI job placement. And the
best part is you get to keep your position on the ATP waiting list, so
that you can return to build multi-engine instruction experience as
soon as a position becomes available.

Feel free to contact me for more information at [email protected].