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  No. of Pilots Source & Notes
July '15
Actual Hiring
Unknown Unknown or N/A
August '15
Projected Hiring
Unknown Unknown or N/A
September '15
Projected Hiring
Unknown Unknown or N/A


  Minimum Competitive Preferred
Total Time 1500 2000  
Last 6 Months:
Multi Time: 50 500
Turboprop Time:
Jet Time:
Certificate Commercial ATP ATP
ATP Written Yes Yes Yes
Regional Jet
Standards Certification
No Yes Yes
Education Some College 2-Year Degree 4-Year Degree
Age: 22  

Resume Submittal

Hiring: $7500 signing bonus for the 170/175.
$12,500 signing bonus for the 145.
No training agreement in place.


Bases are awarded during training based on the seniority in the class and according to the needs of our company at that time. Not all bases will be available.

Republic Airlines:

Chicago, IL (OHare - ORD)
Columbus, OH (CMH)
Denver, CO (DEN)
Greensboro, NC, (GSO)
Indianapolis, IN (IND)
Kansas City, MO (MCI)
Miami, FL (MIA)
Newark, NJ (EWR)
Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)
Washington DC (Reagan National - DCA)

Shuttle America:
Chicago, IL (OHare - ORD)
Columbus, OH (CMH)
Indianapolis, IN (IND)
Louisville, KY (SDF)
Newark, NJ (EWR)
New York, NY (JFK)
New York, NY (LaGuardia - LGA)

1st class Medical
FCC restricted radio operators permit
Valid Passport
Authorization to work in the US and the ability to travel unrestricted in and out of the U.S.

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Updated May 1, 2015

Payscale & Earnings Calculator

Adv Earnings Calculator


Year 20$116/hr$106/hr$101/hr$37/hr
Year 19$116/hr$106/hr$101/hr$37/hr
Year 18$114/hr$103/hr$98/hr$37/hr
Year 17$111/hr$101/hr$96/hr$37/hr
Year 16$108/hr$98/hr$94/hr$37/hr
Year 15$105/hr$95/hr$91/hr$37/hr
Year 14$102/hr$93/hr$88/hr$37/hr
Year 13$99/hr$90/hr$85/hr$37/hr
Year 12$96/hr$87/hr$83/hr$37/hr
Year 11$93/hr$84/hr$80/hr$37/hr
Year 10$90/hr$82/hr$78/hr$37/hr
Year 9$87/hr$79/hr$76/hr$37/hr
Year 8$85/hr$77/hr$73/hr$37/hr
Year 7$82/hr$75/hr$71/hr$37/hr
Year 6$80/hr$73/hr$69/hr$37/hr
Year 5$77/hr$70/hr$67/hr$37/hr
Year 4$75/hr$68/hr$65/hr$37/hr
Year 3$73/hr$66/hr$63/hr$36/hr
Year 2$68/hr$62/hr$59/hr$31/hr
Year 1$64/hr$59/hr$55/hr$23/hr
Embraer 175
Embraer 170
Embraer ERJ-145
Embraer 175,
Embraer 170,
Embraer ERJ-145

Monthly Guarantee

Line: 75 hours
Reserve: 75 hours

Calculate Earnings

/ Bid Period

/ Annually

Advanced Earnings Calculator

Regional Airline
Upgrade Time: 3 years
Years at Airline: 10 years
Major Airline
Upgrade Time: 5 years
Years at Airline: 15 years
Current Age
Updated Oct 28, 2014

Domiciles, Fleet , & Contact

Current Fleet, Orders & Options

Embraer 170 Current Fleet 72
Embraer 175 Current Fleet 100
Embraer ERJ-145 Current Fleet 34

Contact Information

ContactHope Schroeder-Harkey
Updated Jul 14, 2015
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