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For those of us that have been in this industry a long time, we clearly understand the cycles.
After a period of change and uncertainty, Im pleased to see a much more positive outlook
here at Envoy.

Envoy to Retain More CRJ-700 Flying: Pedro's announcement today means that we will
transfer 12 instead of 18 CRJ-700s to PSA during 2015. Envoy will continue to fly the
remaining fleet of 35 CRJ-700s until transfers to PSA resume in of the second half of 2016.
This translates into an additional 30 Captain positions, bringing our forecasted requirement
for Captain upgrades between now and the end of 2016 to around 230. This is terrific news,
expect a new vacancy bid shortly to cover these new flying requirements.

Large Cabin E175: June 1, we reached a major milestone in the launch of the E175, with
all of our Flight Operating Manuals submitted to the FAA for approval. This puts us well
underway for our first aircraft acceptance scheduled for November of this year and on
course for us to operate a fleet of 28 two-class E175s by year end 2016. Initial pilot awards
are complete and training is scheduled to begin in late August.

Pilot Flow to American: Since January 2013, Envoy has successfully advanced 481 pilots
to American Airlines, strictly seniority based with no additional interview requirement. We
project that an additional 100 pilots will move to American by year end and we expect
approximately the same rate of flow throughout 2016.

Time to Captain: A new hire at Envoy today is projected to make Captain at Envoy within
2.5 years and is projected to flow through to American within 6 years of date of hire.

Here we go! The momentum is building.

Capt Ric Wilson
Vice President - Flight Operations Envoy

Hiring Information

Accepting Resumes


  No. of Pilots Source & Notes
August '15
Actual Hiring
25 Unknown or N/A
September '15
Projected Hiring
25 Unknown or N/A
Total 2015
Projected Hiring
Total 2015
Projected Hiring


  Minimum Competitive Preferred
Total Time 1500 2000  
Last 6 Months: 100 100
Multi Time: 100 0 100 0
Turboprop Time: 0 0 0 0
Jet Time: 0 0 0 0
Certificate Commercial Commercial Commercial
ATP Written Yes Yes Yes
Regional Jet
Standards Certification
No No No
Education Some College Some College Some College
Age: 23  

Resume Submittal

Pilot applicants that successfully clear the recruitment and selection process will be eligible to receive a $5,000 sign on bonus with the agreement to sign a two year Letter of Commitment to fly for American Eagle.

All American Eagle pilots on the seniority list as of Oct 2011 will be offered a position with American Airlines in the future; no interview or physical exam required.

Job Hotline 800-727-3070

On-line application must be completed and is available at or

Domiciles - DFW,ORD

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Updated Aug 3, 2015

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Adv Earnings Calculator


Year 20$104/hr$99/hr$42/hr
Year 19$104/hr$99/hr$42/hr
Year 18$104/hr$99/hr$42/hr
Year 17$103/hr$98/hr$42/hr
Year 16$101/hr$96/hr$42/hr
Year 15$99/hr$94/hr$42/hr
Year 14$98/hr$93/hr$42/hr
Year 13$95/hr$90/hr$42/hr
Year 12$92/hr$87/hr$42/hr
Year 11$89/hr$85/hr$42/hr
Year 10$87/hr$82/hr$42/hr
Year 9$84/hr$80/hr$42/hr
Year 8$82/hr$78/hr$42/hr
Year 7$79/hr$75/hr$41/hr
Year 6$78/hr$74/hr$41/hr
Year 5$75/hr$72/hr$40/hr
Year 4$73/hr$70/hr$39/hr
Year 3$71/hr$68/hr$37/hr
Year 2$69/hr$66/hr$34/hr
Year 1$67/hr$64/hr$26/hr
Embraer ERJ-145
Embraer ERJ-145

Monthly Guarantee

Line: 72 hours
Reserve: 75 hours

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/ Annually

Pay Notes

Monthly guarantee: 72 hours Reserve guarantee: 75 hours
Embraer ERJ-145
Monthly guarantee: 72 hours Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Advanced Earnings Calculator

Regional Airline
Upgrade Time: 3 years
Years at Airline: 10 years
Major Airline
Upgrade Time: 5 years
Years at Airline: 15 years
Current Age
Updated Apr 16, 2014

Domiciles, Fleet , & Contact

Current Fleet, Orders & Options

CRJ-700 Current Fleet 47
Embraer ERJ-145 Current Fleet 149
31 ERJ-140 / 118 ERJ-145

Contact Information

ContactNick Brice
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 619415, MD 4147
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9415
Updated Apr 1, 2015
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