Pilot Shortage

How Much Can You Really Earn as an Airline Pilot?

Graduates of ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program are flying for virtually every airline in the United States at this time, as well as major airlines around the world. One such pilot is Chris Carey who flies for United Airlines. Chris stays in touch with us at ATP, and from time to time he shares his thoughts and experiences with us and all of you. Chris has updated a very interesting article he sent to us a while ago, and we would like to share it with you: Continue reading

PSA Airlines Offers $20,000 Pilot Retention Bonus Responding to Pilot Shortage

Dion Flannery is the president of PSA Airlines, which is a subsidiary of American Airlines. Mr. Flannery has been dealing with the pressure placed on his airline by the worsening pilot shortage for a few years now. This week he announced that PSA will offer a one-time bonus for all first officers at PSA in hopes that they will stay for a while instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to quickly move to the Major and Legacy Airlines. Continue reading

ATP Orders 15 Additional Piper Archers

Flight training with ATP has become the proven path from a beginning as a student with no flight experience to a career flying for the airlines. ATP has made a commitment to safely and effectively training people responding to the demand for new airline pilots due to the severe pilot shortage gripping the airline industry. ATP is meeting that commitment, in part by adding 15 new Piper Archer TX aircraft to its fleet of flight training aircraft with the option for adding 85 additional new Archers. Continue reading