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ATP’s Latest Airline Placements

Corey Simons, Ameriflight

Ameriflight hired ATP grad Corey Simons in April, 2014.

Cullen Bilgrav, Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines hired ATP grad Cullen Bilgrav in April, 2014.

John Steinberg,

USA Jet Airlines hired ATP grad John Steinberg in April, 2014.

Robert Steinberg,

USA Jet Airlines hired ATP grad Robert Steinberg in April, 2014.

Republic Airlines Grounds 27 Aircraft Due to the Pilot Shortage

A dire shortage of pilots has forced smaller airlines to cancel flights and ground jets, a side effect of federal regulations that dramatically increased the minimum number of flight hours for new pilots. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

SkyWest Takes Ten More of ATP’s Best

SkyWest Airlines has recruited ten more of ATP’s best Instructors into their very successful EIP. In the Program these Instructors flew to Denver to be inducted into SkyWest’s Program as employees of SkyWest while they continue to instruct and build time at ATP. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Alaskan Airlines to Hire More Pilots Soon

Alaskan Airlines will open a short application window soon. The carrier will be taking new applications beginning December 16th, and ending December 29th of this year. Previous applicants will have to reapply as old applications will be removed from the database. New-hire classes of 6 and 7 will be offered in October and November, respectively. […]

SkyWest Hires Latest Group of ATP Instructors As Cadets

SkyWest Airlines recently brought ten of ATP’s Instructors to be inducted as Cadets at SkyWest. The group of ten were flown positive space to SkyWest’s main facility in Salt Lake City where they went through company indoctrination, were given drug tests and photographed for SkyWest company IDs and brought on as SkyWest employees. Did you […]

US Airlines Continue to Earn Record Profits

The Airline Industry in the United States continues to be very profitable, which is fueling growth for every airline in the country. This is increasing the demand for new airline pilots to both replace a tidal wave of retiring pilots, and to fly new aircraft coming online with the airlines to serve the increasing numbers […]

On the line with Mesa!

The best part of my job is helping pilots get jobs with the airlines. It has been happening a lot lately, but it never gets old to see a pilot struggle for years and then suddenly succeed. Eric Swinkels is a perfect example. Eric came to this country many years ago from The Netherlands to […]

American Airlines To Hire 1,500 Pilots Over Next Five Years

American Airlines today announced it is beginning the process to recruit and hire approximately 1,500 new pilots over the next five years, American’s largest pilot hiring in more than a decade. American will open the job posting Oct. 1, with the first new-hire class expected to begin training this winter. Did you like this? Share […]

United And US Airways Recall The Last of Their Furloughed Pilots

United Airlines said it will recall almost 600 pilots who were furloughed during a time when fuel prices spiked and the Great Recession forced the airline to shrink. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Flexjet Hiring Pilots As Expansion Continues

Business aviation is a segment of commercial aviation that is experiencing renewed growth and fractional jet ownership services provider Flexjet is intensifying its recruitment of pilots throughout the aviation community to satisfy increasing demand. Flexjet recently reported 96 percent growth of new fractional and jet card sales when comparing January to June 2013 to the […]

Delta Airlines to Hire Pilots Beginning in November

A Delta Air Lines executive announced that for the first time since 2010 Delta will hire 300 pilots beginning in November of this year. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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