Getting the Job

Train for New Hire Airline Training with ATP

ATP has been training pilots preparing for their first airline job for nearly a decade. Our Regional Jet Program focuses on making a successful transition to new hire training. We have sent over 425 pilots to the airlines in the last twelve months, thousands over the last ten years, and they have done exceptionally well in new-hire training.
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From Students to First Officers in Two Years

In early August, I wrote about three close friends who did their flight training with ATP and then went on to instruct for us together at our Daytona Beach Flight Training Center. Sherry Shoemake, Louis Valasquez and Vince Viorde were hired at the same time by Republic Airlines through Republic’s Pipeline Program with ATP. All three then went to Indianapolis together to begin new-hire training so they can fly the new Embraer E175′s that Republic is acquiring.
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Expanding Pilot Groups Means a Short Wait for Upgrade to Captain

I recently surveyed our Regional Airline partners about how long it is taking new First Officers to upgrade to Captains at their airline. Across the spectrum of regional airlines the same can be said, upgrade times are coming down. What this means is that the discussion about entry level pay in the regional airlines becomes pointless when you can expect to make Captain, along with the 50% increase in pay, in your second year of flying with your new airline.
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Mesa Airlines Brings New Embraer 175 to ATP Daytona

Mesa Airlines flew their latest new E175 fresh from Embraer’s headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil to the ATP Jet Center adjacent to ATP’s Daytona Beach Flight Training Center to show our Instructors and Students what they will be flying soon. The aircraft is the second of 30 on order by United to incorporate into Mesa’s growing United Express fleet.

IMG_6177Mesa has been hiring a lot of our pilots to fly these aircraft as well as new CRJ900s that Mesa is adding to their fleet. Their rapidly expanding fleet is being flown by Mesa’s expanding group of pilots, many of whom were in training with ATP not long ago.

IMG_0592Joining a growing pilot group, such as Mesa’s, results in much less time spent on reserve, as well as being granted desired crew bases and aircraft sooner then anytime in the recent past. Pilots who recently left ATP to fly for Mesa are nearing upgrade to Captain within a few months, after only being there a year, and I will be writing about them soon.

IMG_0612Mesa has promised to bring more new E175s to our Flight Training Centers over the next few months, please come out to take a look. If you do, and want a career flying one of these marvels for a living remember that ATP can get you there and get you there first.

SkyWest Recruits Ten ATP Instructors into EIP Program

SkyWest Airlines has recruited ten more of ATP’s finest Instructors into the program that guides pilots from flight training with ATP directly into First Officer positions with one of the world’s largest regional airlines. SkyWest flew these Instructors to Salt Lake City to be inducted into SkyWest as employees while they continue to instruct and build flight experience at ATP.
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PSA Airlines Coming to ATP Jacksonville for Recruiting Event July 19th and 20th

ATP’s Recruiting Partner PSA Airlines is sending their executives to ATP’s Headquarters in Jacksonville Florida to speak with our Instructors and Students about flying PSA’s new 76-seat CRJ900s in the near future. PSA Vice President of Operations Randy Fusi will join his Director of Recruiting Mike Douglas in addressing an assembly of ATP personnel as well as others who PSA is inviting to the event. All attendees were invited using ATP’s recruiting tool,
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Endeavor Air to Delta Hiring Program is a Glimpse into the Future

As I mentioned last week, Endeavor Air is partnering with parent company Delta Air Lines to attract the best pilots to both carriers with a new hiring program. Beginning June 15, the new Endeavor-to-Delta Pilot Hiring and Commitment Program (EtD Commitment) will use Delta’s rigorous hiring protocol to insure that every new Endeavor pilot will receive a commitment to be hired by Delta.
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