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ATP’s Latest Airline Placements

Corey Simons, Ameriflight

Ameriflight hired ATP grad Corey Simons in April, 2014.

Cullen Bilgrav, Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines hired ATP grad Cullen Bilgrav in April, 2014.

John Steinberg,

USA Jet Airlines hired ATP grad John Steinberg in April, 2014.

Robert Steinberg,

USA Jet Airlines hired ATP grad Robert Steinberg in April, 2014.

ATP Sends One of Its Best to the US Navy

ATP has seen graduates of its Airline Career Pilot Program gravitate to great flying jobs in every part of aviation, including proudly flying for the best military in the world. Lieutenant(JG) John McFerren is just such an aviator who is also an old friend of mine and he wrote to me to let me know […]

Road-Map From Student to Airline Pilot

I travel around the United States talking with all kinds of people who are interested in aviation. Some of the most enjoyable conversations are with people who want to fly airplanes for a living, and are looking for answers to their questions about how to get there. When I am asked these questions I often […]

Join ATP at Women in Aviation 2014

Representatives of ATP will be attending the 25th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference which will be held from Thursday, March 6 through Saturday, March 8, 2014, in Orlando, FL. This year’s Conference will take place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We will be looking forward to being part of the event which focuses on […]

World needs pilots! Record Growth Leads to Record Need.

CNN is airing a report today on the pilot shortage which is affecting the Global Airline Industry. Since the expansion of the airline industry across the globe has strongly affected the industry in the United States and ATP is at the forefront in providing solutions for the industry in the United States I thought I […]

General Aviation Aircraft Shipments Took Off in 2013

Prospects are finally looking up for pilots aspiring to fly in Corporate Aviation, or in other well paying segments of General Aviation. Here at ATP we have experienced high attrition rates among our Instructors who have been leaving our ranks early, well below the 1500 hours of experience required to fly for the airlines, to […]

Republic Airways Reaches Tentative Agreement with Its Pilot Union

Republic Airways Holdings, which owns and operates Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America, announced today that it has reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on a new four-year contract with the union that represents more than 2,200 pilots who fly for them. The proposed contract includes increases in pay that will place Republic pilots at […]

Republic Airlines Grounds 27 Aircraft Due to the Pilot Shortage

A dire shortage of pilots has forced smaller airlines to cancel flights and ground jets, a side effect of federal regulations that dramatically increased the minimum number of flight hours for new pilots. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Airline-Pilot Shortage Arrives Ahead of Schedule

The Wall Street Journal contains an insightful article about the shortage of Airline Pilots that is beginning to severely handicap the airline industry. The article is sub-titled “Pilot Retirements and New Rules on Training and Rest Hurt More Than Expected”, and when I read it I was happy to see that the national media is […]

American Airlines Group Announces Profit of $1.9 billion in 2013

The Airlines of the United States continue to grow and report huge profits, which fuels further growth and increasing prospects for great flying jobs. Most recently, the parent company of merged partners American Airlines and US Airways, American Airlines Group, reported a 2013 net profit of $1.9 billion on an adjusted basis that combines the […]

Journey From NASCAR to Airline Pilot

I have had the pleasure of helping many very interesting people transition from very interesting careers to do what they have always dreamed of doing in spite of the fact they are already highly successful. We have had doctors, lawyers and very successful business owners come to us for Regional Jet transition training and then […]

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