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Corey Simons, Ameriflight

Ameriflight hired ATP grad Corey Simons in April, 2014.

Cullen Bilgrav, Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines hired ATP grad Cullen Bilgrav in April, 2014.

John Steinberg,

USA Jet Airlines hired ATP grad John Steinberg in April, 2014.

Robert Steinberg,

USA Jet Airlines hired ATP grad Robert Steinberg in April, 2014.

Mesaba Airlines

Not Accepting Resumes (Updated 8/9/12)


  Minimum Competitive Preferred
Total Time 600 1000  
Last 6 Months: 75
Multi Time: 50 100
Turboprop Time:
Jet Time:
Certificate Commercial Commercial Commercial
ATP Written No No No
Regional Jet
Standards Certification
No No No
Education No College Required Some College Some College


  No. of Pilots Source & Notes
July '12
Actual Hiring
0 Unknown or N/A
August '12
Projected Hiring
0 Unknown or N/A
September '12
Projected Hiring
0 Unknown or N/A

Not hiring pilots.

Contact Information

Contact Barb Martin
Fax 651-367-5392
Web Site
Mailing Address 1000 Blue Gentian Road
Suite 200
Eagan, MN 55121

Application & Resume Submittal

Not presently hiring pilots.

Mesaba's aircraft were all transferred to the Pinnacle certificate and currently are operating in a fenced operation under the former Mesaba operating manuals.

All employees are considered Pinnacle airlines employees.

Current Fleet, Orders & Options

Saab 340 Current Fleet 6

Pay Schedule

Pay Determination Hourly
Aircraft & Notes Guaranteed
Pay Hours
Seniority First Officer Captain
Saab 340

Per Diem $1.65/hr.

75 Line
75 Reserve
1 Year $26.00/hr. $46.00/hr.
2 Years $27.00/hr. $47.00/hr.
3 Years $29.00/hr. $48.00/hr.
4 Years $32.00/hr. $51.00/hr.
5 Years $33.00/hr. $53.00/hr.

May 2011
Payce Hadlock, Mesaba Airlines Payce Hadlock

Payce began ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program Self-Paced Curriculum on February 1, 2010. Payce instructed at the ATP PHX Training Center. Mesaba Airlines hired Payce 15 months after starting training with ATP. Total fixed cost for airline training program: $42,797.

April 2011
Aren Musarra, Mesaba Airlines Aren Musarra

Aren began ATP’s Private Pilot & Airline Career Pilot Programs on April 6, 2009, and then completed ATP’s Regional Jet Standards Certification. Aren instructed at the ATP DWH Training Center. Mesaba Airlines hired Aren 24 months after starting training with ATP. Total fixed cost for airline training program: $55,461.

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