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ATP’s Latest Airline Placements

Bojan Fredotovic, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Bojan Fredotovic in June, 2014.

Victor Resendez, Corporate Operator

Corporate Operator hired ATP grad Victor Resendez in June, 2014.

Clint Bond, ExpressJet

ExpressJet hired ATP grad Clint Bond in June, 2014.

Walter Davey, Great Lakes Airlines

Great Lakes Airlines hired ATP grad Walter Davey in June, 2014.

The 1500 Hour Rule Explained

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the aviation community since Congress passed H.R. 5900, which they titled the “Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act.” The commonly held belief is that the new law will require pilots to have 1500 hours of flight experience and an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate […]

Southwest Airlines to Hire 100 Pilots in April

Southwest Airlines has told its pilots in inter-company communication that it will begin hiring over 100 pilots beginning in April of this year.

Rising Oil Prices? Airlines Are Well Positioned to Deal with it

Oil prices rose above $102 a barrel on news that UN forces attacked Muammar Gaddafi forces on Monday. When asked how that price may affect the short term future of the US airlines. The airline “industry is much more smart and disciplined to deal with this rising cost of energy,” David Barger, CEO of JetBlue […]

Pinnacle Passenger Traffic Rises Dramatically in February

Pinnacle Airlines Corp. reported a rapid rise in airline passengers flying with Pinnacle in February and also in recently announced year-to-date figures. Pinnacle flew 1.25 million airline passengers in February, up 45 percent compared to February 2010.

JetBlue Passenger Traffic Rises 9 Percent in February

JetBlue Airways reported Thursday that its passenger traffic increased 9 percent for the month of February compared to the same time period in 2010. Paying passengers in February flew 2.08 billion miles, compared with 1.91 billion a year ago.

SkyWest Passenger Traffic Climbs by 42 Percent

SkyWest Inc. announced Wednesday that combined February traffic jumped 42.4 percent compared to the previous year, and attributes the rise to the November 2010 purchase of ExpressJet Airlines.

Why Pilots are Important

I recently came across this video that tells the story of a Quantas A380 on a flight from Singapore to Sydney Australia. On this particular flight, one of the new Rolls Royce engines on the world’s largest airliner exploded and sent huge fragments of the flaming hot engine through the wing and undercarriage of the […]

More Jets Means More Flying Jobs at NetJets

The rebound in business travel has resulted in NetJets Inc., the business-jet operator owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., placing a record order for as many as 120 Bombardier Inc. business jets.

SkyWest 4th Quarter Profit Spikes on ExpressJet Purchase, and Other News

SkyWest Inc., which owns and operates regional flights for United Continental and Delta Air Lines, reported recently that its fourth-quarter profit nearly doubled compared to last year, attributed in large part to its purchase of ExpressJet.

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