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Surviving Your First Year Flying for the Airlines – Part One

There are pilots flying in every part of commercial aviation who have been trained by ATP. These pilots form an alumni group and typically remain in touch with each other and with those of us who have helped them achieve their flying careers. Justin Kaiser is one of those pilots. Justin trained at ATP, went on to instruct for ATP, began flying for Mesa Airlines and has come back to ATP to instruct in the Regional Jet Program.
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US Airlines Employment Growth the Best in Two Years

The number of new aviation careers continues to increase in the United States, and so do the number of people entering flight training. The US Department of Transportation reports that the scheduled airlines in the United States are growing and have been hiring new employees at a record pace since July 2013 resulting in the biggest year-over-year percentage jump since 2012.
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PlaneSense Adds Second Day to Recruiting Event at ATP-Daytona

ATP’s recruiting partner PlaneSense has had an overwhelming response for interviews and will now be recruiting pilots on October 1st and 2nd at our Daytona location. PlaneSense is sending their top recruiters to ATP to hire our pilots. The PlaneSense program began operating in 1996, and it currently has a fleet of over thirty Pilatus PC-12s. The program is supported by over 250 aviation professionals who handle all aspects of management, operations, scheduling, quality assurance, and administration.
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Piedmont Airlines Pilots Approve New Contract to Fly Regional Jets for American

Pilots at ATP’s recruiting partner Piedmont Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the new American Airlines Group (AAG), have approved a tentative agreement. This agreement includes plans to refleet the airline with regional jets as well as guarantee opportunities for Piedmont pilots with the airline’s parent company, American Airlines. Today Piedmont Airlines fleet consists of forty four de Havilland Canada Dash 8’s.

“American is pleased pilots at Piedmont Airlines have voted to ratify a tentative agreement that was reached on August 22,” American spokeswoman Martha Thomas said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Piedmont to add jet aircraft to their current fleet of turboprops to connect our customers in regional markets to American’s growing global network.”

Here’s an excerpt from the letter Piedmont president and CEO Steve Farrow wrote to Piedmont employees.

September 16, 2014

Fellow Employees:

I am very pleased to report our pilots have ratified the tentative agreement we reached with the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) with a decisive 77 percent of the vote. As you know, this agreement, which will now become part of our Collective Bargaining Agreement with ALPA, significantly broadens our options for re-fleeting Piedmont Airlines and positions our company for future success in a highly competitive industry.

With this foundation, we are beginning the process of preparing Piedmont for re-fleeting with regional jets. We have already started working with a consultant to add RJs to our certificate. I will share more information on the process in the weeks and months to come.

Steve Farrow
Piedmont Airlines

Piedmont’s expansion will create new flying jobs that have to be filled in order for them to operate their new aircraft. Piedmont has teamed with ATP for many years to recruit our exceptionally well-trained and highly-qualified graduates and ATP will be sending many more pilots to fly the most advanced new jets. These pilots are are beginning new lucrative airline pilot careers that are waiting for those who begin training now.

Over 450 new airline pilots hired in the last year began their career by training with ATP. Many of those same pilots are being informed that they will be upgrading to Captain in the near future at their airlines. This proves what we have been saying for close to thirty years – In the airlines seniority means everything. Get there first with ATP.

PSA Airlines Comes to ATP-JAX, ATP-DFW and ATP-PHX this week to recruit ATP pilots

PSA Airlines has sent their top recruiter, Vice President Randy Fusi, along with American Airlines Director of Mainline/Regional Recruiting Bob Skinner to visit our Flight Training Centers in Jacksonville (FL), Dallas and Phoenix this week. They will be speaking to our pilots about the seventy-seven CRJ900s and CRJ700s that they have been awarded, and are trying to recruit ATP’s top pilots. Vice President Randy Fusi told me as late as today that they are coming prepared to interview and make job offers on the spot at all three events.
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