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ATP Higher Power Aviation Receives FAA Approval for ATP CTP Course

ATP Flight School is now offering the ATP CTP training program at its ATP Higher Power Aviation training center located near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and we have graduated our first class of six pilots. In compliance with the new FAA Regulation, this course combines ground and simulator training to prepare pilots for the commercial air carrier environment and is required training for the ATP Certificate.
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Boeing Announces New Pilot Demand Exceeds 95,000 over Coming Years

Airline manufacturing giant Boeing updated the number of new pilots needed per year to keep up with airliner deliveries that are already on their delivery schedule. The number of new pilots needed has increased 4.7% over last year’s requirements in the midst of the deepest pilot shortage to hit the industry in the history of the airlines, and the demand is greatly outpacing the supply.
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Flying the Line for Air Wisconsin

Pilots who have been trained by ATP are everywhere in the world of aviation, but they are most popular in the airline industry. Chris Patrick is a good example of an ATP Graduate set on a successful career track by making sure that he received the best flight training available. Chris has gone on to upgrade to Captain with his first airline, Air Wisconsin, and there is no doubt that he will achieve his career goals in short order. We would like to share more about Chris and his reply to some questions we asked him:
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A Flying Career Can Take Many Shapes

Aircraft aren’t the only fast movers in the aviation industry today. With all the job prospects available for well-trained pilots now, it is the most exciting industry in the world to begin and pursue a career. You can begin flight training today and be flying a Boeing 787 across the Atlantic before you are through. That is fantastic news to veterans of the airline industry, and it is only one track that you can take once you have become a commercial pilot. Here are a few:
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Trans States Airlines Begins Take-off Roll with Tuition Reimbursement Program at ATP

Trans States Airlines recruiters came to ATP’s national headquarters today to launch the ATP/Trans States Airlines Tuition Reimbursement Program. Trans States Holdings, operator of Trans States Airlines, Compass and GoJet, sent their Manager of Pilot Recruiting Hope Harkey to address the assembled pilots interested in being the first to join Trans States’ Tuition Assistance Program as well.
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