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A Flying Career Can Take Many Shapes

Aircraft aren’t the only fast movers in the aviation industry today. With all the job prospects available for well-trained pilots now, it is the most exciting industry in the world to begin and pursue a career. You can begin flight training today and be flying a Boeing 787 across the Atlantic before you are through. That is fantastic news to veterans of the airline industry, and it is only one track that you can take once you have become a commercial pilot. Here are a few:
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Trans States Airlines Begins Take-off Roll with Tuition Reimbursement Program at ATP

Trans States Airlines recruiters came to ATP’s national headquarters today to launch the ATP/Trans States Airlines Tuition Reimbursement Program. Trans States Holdings, operator of Trans States Airlines, Compass and GoJet, sent their Manager of Pilot Recruiting Hope Harkey to address the assembled pilots interested in being the first to join Trans States’ Tuition Assistance Program as well.
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Flying the Line – PlaneSense

ATP’s recruiting partner PlaneSense has hired many very good pilots from ATP using as their recruiting tool. John Brummeler is just the kind of pilot I am talking about. Scott (as we call him here) came to ATP in early 2013 to begin flight training. Due to Scott’s hard work and natural aptitude he quickly completed his flight training and began flight instructing for ATP. Scott chose to fly for PlaneSense when he had reached the end of his time at ATP and as it is with ATP alumni, Scott has stayed in touch and has agreed to share with you a little about his flying career so far.
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GoJet Teams with ATP to offer Tuition Reimbursement

GoJet Airlines has teamed with ATP Flight School to offer financial assistance to aspiring commercial aviators as part of ATP’s new Tuition Reimbursement Program. This program helps ATP Instructors who are still instructing for ATP by subsidizing payments of students loans while building quality flight time until qualified to fly for GoJet. Once they begin flying for GoJet, the payments convert to a flat $500 per month for the first year the pilot is flying for GoJet.
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Flying the Line – Mesa Airlines

ATP Alumni fly for every airline in this country, as well as many airlines around the world. Because they share some common elements they stay connected with each other as well as those of us here who helped them get started. Dustin Means is a good example of the type of pilot and person who graduates from ATP and goes on to a rewarding career as an airline pilot. Dustin has stayed in touch with us here and recently sent us some good news about an upgrade that we would like to share:
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Interview with an Airline Recruiter

Some of the most popular articles here on PilotJobs have been the Flying the Line articles featuring airline pilots that we know who have let us share some of their experiences as professional pilots with you so that you can know what the job is all about. We want to offer the same opportunity to some of the airline recruiters that we know, to be able to share their experiences with you also so that as you begin your airline career that you will know what they are looking for.
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